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different splash screen to different releases

In my InstallScript project I defined two releases. I would like that each of my releases will display a different splash screen. Is this possible? if so, how do I do this?

tks, Hagai
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I was wondering this too but the help file says:
Only one splash screen is displayed to the end user during the installation. If you have more than one splash screen file in the language-independent area or for a specific language, the first file in the list is displayed at run time.

I have a three differential releases and two require the same screen. The only real workaround is to add a file with a generic file name (e.i. "Setup.bmp") and rename the bitmap you need per release. Essentially using the same file but changing the actual graphic.

😞 not elegant but it works well. I even made a batch file to do this. You could create a exe to switch them when you make the installers in a specific sequence. I think that might be my next enhancement to my project.
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