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Level 4

deploying files into two locations


I have problem with creating installation (Basic MSI Project) which will deploy files into two locations. I want to deploy some files into target path which is included in INSTALLDIR property (user can change this property in installator UI). This is easy to do. But the biggest problem for me is to deploy some other files into different target path which will be given also from installator UI by the user. I don't know how to do that. What is more this path will be used for update XML file. Can you help me with that? Thanks in advance.
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Level 6

If user want to select you can give a browse button and the browsing location you can store in a label with a property. That property can be used in component destination location to deploy that file in that locaiton
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Level 4

If you want to display the new dialog to the end user to take the input path to install second set of files into different directory then you need to cretae a custom dialog and sequence it according to your choice like before default installation dialog or after.

or you can use the same default dialog adding browse button and textbox (same in the default dialog) which you can take inputs for both the target directories for this you need to set the public property(all in caps like MYOWNDIR) with the values of user selected directory paths.

first one is :

INSTALLDIR (by default)

second one is our one:


So now you can set the destination property value as MYOWNDIR to the component which you want to install second set of files. So that while installation it will resolve the property MYOWNDIR and it will install those files into appropriate folders.
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