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deferred execution in system context fails on vista

Hi, I am using IS 2008 to develope .Msi installer....I am using a custom action with in script execution as Deferred Execution in System Context to launch third party application(setup.exe)...This custom action calls a install Script function say Myfunction which actually uses LaunchApplication to launch setup.exe. I have set LAAW_SHELLEXECUTEVERB = "runas" before calling LaunchApplication ..Required administrative privileges is set to Yes.

But it fails on vista without giving any error. I have tried to launch that setup.exe through Vbscript also... I don't know where I am going wrong..Why My custom action fails on vista..Is .Msi missing privilege to launch application???

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Level 6

1) Does the setup your calling run and install successfully on its own, outside of this "parent" MSI?

2) If its a pre-requisite deploy it seperatly

3) If its a post-requisite deploy it seperatly

To conclude, run the setup.exe either before or after the MSI, as calling setup.exes from an MSI is asking for trouble and going to cause you heart ache, especially if the setup.exe is infact a wrapper for another MSI 😉

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Level 5

Thanks for reply.... I am using the property ( checkbox) set in msi to install setup.exe(as condition).. How can I execute setup.exe(Wrapper of .Msi) after main instalerr's .Msi..I want to call setup.exe after .Msi ( not as pre requisite)..

How can I do this????

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