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Level 2

cutom actions, events, conditions

I need to finish this installer ASAP. My only problem is using conditional logic in installshield. I have a Basic MSI project which must use different sets of components based on whether the OS is 32-bit or 64-bit. Does any one know the best way to implement this.
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Level 4

The best way I can think of is using installscript. I don't think a basic MSI will allow custom components and installations based on the OS.
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Level 10

Actually, yes it can. You can use the Windows Installer pre-set properties in the condition of the components to control this. You might want to take at look at Microsoft's documentation on the VersionNT and VersionNT64 properties.
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Level 7

If you need to be even more specific and use an X64 processor and not to include alpha processors then you can use the Msix64 property instead. (e.g. Msix64 or not Msix64)
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