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creating my first product update and have questions

hi all;

I have created and released my first full version installer, MyApp v1.0 as basic MSI project. Now I need to release MyApp v1.1 and I have several questions.

1) Should I create a whole new project in installshield for version 1.1 or should it just be changes to the project I already have going?

Assuming I am just modifying the existing project, and NOT creating a whole new project in installshield:
1) Will I ever be able to rebuild the original v1.0 installer if required?
2) v1.1 will have a new .exe and several new versions of .dll files, as well as completely new dll files. How do I handle this? Do I just delete the old versions in the project files view, and add in the new ones?
3) Do i configure a new release under the media view, or just do I just configure a minor/major upgrade item?

More questions to follow, depending on the answers so far!
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Level 4

No one has any thoughts on this?
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