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check IIS and SQL server before install


I'm completly new in installshield / installation procedure but I tried with installshield 2010. I can't find some help cause I really don't know where to search, so any help would be great.

Here is my procedure:
1. check if there is IIS 6 or 7 installed

if it is ok :

2. check if there is a version of SQL server installed
if not, installation of SQL server express

3. installation of my basic msi package ( it don't seem to be a problem ...)

I think it is possible but I don't know how at all.
If you can help me by redirecting me or giving me some advice it would be nice again 🙂

(sorry for my english! )
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Level 3

I also would like to know how to check that IIS is installed before the installation begins. I am currently evaluating InstallShield 2010 after using Wise Installer version 6 (5+ years old) and the Wise software has the check for IIS as one of the pre-configured pre-requisite checks. I see no such option with IS 2010.
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Level 5


I've found this finally for IIS :

it works, there is just the path who is not correct (it seems to to be for IS 2008)
Step 4 it's:
" \Samples\WindowsInstaller\Detect IIS6 Compatibility\Release\DetectIIS6Compat.dll"

I've found for the SQL server detection, i'm not sure that it work.
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