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best approach to reinstall?

I'm using IS2010, basic msi, and I'd like to allow the user to be able to run my install package then be able to re-run it again and run only one feature.
The issue is that when you re-run a windows installation in the features selection (on modify) you can turn-off (on drop down - select install if required or 'X' feature not available) some features but they will get "removed".

What is the best way to stop features from getting removed?
I have a checkbox dialog form that manages four features.

One feature is custom in nature (custom directories by name, etc) and I need that re-ran many times without affecting what is already installed.

Thank you.
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Level 5

Try to run the installation like that:
msiexec /i C:\MySetup.msi REINSTALLMODE=vomus REINSTALL=
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Level 2

Thanx, but how can I accomplish this from within the install exe?
If I could somehow flag the entire package to be able to just run virgin set-up each time that would be ideal. What happens now is that I get the 'repair', 'modify', and 'remove' options and 'modify' doesn't do anything but reinstall, or remove, without display of my custom dialog. I really didn't think I had to add a custom dialog, or move this one, into the 'modify' flow.

There is a property named 'ReinstallModeText' that the help files have no help on. I've tried setting to 'a', no luck. There must be something little I'm missing. I looked for a section in the Installation Design for a setting for your REINSTALL=ALL but don't see it.

I really just want one of two choices (I'd like solutions on both if possible);
1.) To set features to be able to reinstall without a modify, or
2.) To set the entire installation to only install as virgin each time.

Thank you.
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