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another Setup started from inside a Setup fails

In my Setup I have to install two other software packages. Therefor I use Custom actions. The first package I install is the VS 2012 Redist package. I do this with the following command line:
\Input Files\VS2012 Redistributable\vcredist_x86.exe /SILENT

in my first custom action. ==> Doing so succeeds. And the Redists are prober installed.

The second software package is another smaller unknow software package that I also have to install. I do it in the same manner than I did it for the VS 2012 Redists. I have a second custom action with the following command line
\Input Files\Other_SW_Package\setup.exe /SILENT

Doing so leads, to the following error message during the setup:
"Error reading setup initialization file"

==> How can I fix that problem?

I saw that you can pass aditional infos to a silent setup with an additional argument called /LOADINF=xxx.inf. I also have such an xxx.inf file.

But I don't know whether I need that.

e.g. The Vs 2012 Redists silent setup works without such an inf file.


And their is another strange behavior, starting the second setup from command line with the /SILENT argument, starts the second setup and does everything well, with the one execption that it is not silent - even I passed the silent argument.


1. What might be the reason and it's solution for the error message "Error reading setup initialization file" ?

2. Why even on command line the /SILENT argument does not work for the second SW package? Are their setups that do not consider the /SILENT argument?

3. How can I figure out, whether I need to pass an inf file (using /LOADINF=xxx.inf) to my second SW package? - And if yes, what infos must that *.inf file contain?
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When you send your installer (.MSI or Setup.exe) to end-users it won't work because they don't have on their computers, you need to use the SupportDir to store the nested Redist packages.

Why don't you use the standard methods to accomplish this task ?
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