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activation of registered product

I have re-installed IS2009 on the same machine after upgrading it from XP to Vista. I get down to the verification stage where it fails on-line verification. I have proxy settings correct (I am posting this from the machine in question). I tried off-line verification, but it uses Outlook for emailing. This is a development machine on which we do not want to configure Outlook.

From a read of similar posts, it would appear that my serial number requires activation only, but it's unclear how (where?) one makes the request. Can you help me with this?

This is fairly urgent.

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Level 17

You can start the offline activation process on your machine, but email the request text to Support from a different machine. (On your machine that has InstallShield, you'd want to save save the activation request text to a file, and then copy it to the network or some removable medium like a USB drive or a disk. Then email the request text from a different machine.)

For more information, see Verifying Through Email.
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