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Level 6

abort statement is failing to exit the installer.

hi all,
I wrote a simple function in basic msi IS2016 to abort the installer. It is working fine if I call this function from another function FunA as SimpleAbort(hMSI); , but if I call SimpleAbort from any other custom actions after install welcome dialog nothing is happening, installer continuing further.

how to abort the installer, target OS is WIN2012 and above

thanks in advance.
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Level 9

Are you using InstallScript for your Custom Action language or some other language?

InstallScript itself has an abort; function. You should be able to just call this abort directly without encapsulating it within another function.

One important caveat is to make sure you have your Custom Action is set to check the return code.

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Level 6

my issue is resolved by setting a condition to an event which leads to the "end dialog". I even tried call abort in first few days, it is being executed but control is going to next dialog.As I understood calling a End Dialog with condition for an event is feasible solution. Thanks all of you for your good suggestions.
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