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Yes/No dialog for choosing to install a file

I have a feature whose component I would like to conditionally install. This component is just a single file. I set up a system search for this file that sets a property. If the file is found I would like to pop up a dialog that asks the user if they would like to replace the existing file. I'd like to use one of the built in msi dialogs, but I don't know how to use a pushbutton to set a property. Is this possible? For example, I'd like to have pushbuttons set a property that can be used as an install condition for the component. A "yes" button would set the property to true and a ""No" button would set the property to false. Then I'd like the buttons to have the same event that brings up the next dialog in the install sequence. Should I just write an InstallScript that does this with some InstallScript dialog box? If so, generally how might I go about doing that?

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Level 5

Specify event for these controls depending on your wishes...

Argument: YOUR_VALUE
Condition: 1
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Level 4

Thanks for the tip. It didn't seem like a property value would work for an event, but that's exactly the way i wanted it to work and it did. I just had to manage some conditions of the component installation and some of the file properties. A clone of the CancelSetup dialog worked great for my yes/no dialog.
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