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XCopyFile Does Not copy Empty Sub-folder


I am working on a Basic MSI project with InstallShield 2009. During installation, I need to copy a folder with hundreds empty sub-folders. But XCopyFile did not copy any of empty sub-folder.

Here is the copy code:
XCopyFile(szOrigFolder ^ "*.*", szTarFolder ^ "*.*", INCLUDE_SUBDIR);
Did I do something wrong? BTW, I have processed szOrigFolder and szTarFolder with StrRemoveLastSlash function.
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About your requirement, please see my blogs:

Hope that helps.

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Level 4

Thanks a lot. It worked. 🙂

And another little question: What is the difference between "sv" and "sz", since both of them are used as the starting part of STRING variable?
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Hi, foundoflife. I have problem that you've solve. But, His Blog does not work anymore. Can you help me ?

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