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Windows Service install and Recovery Actions


I am trying to install and configure a Windows Service. Everything is fine except the configuration for Recovery Actions. I want to Re-start the service after 1st, 2nd and subsequent failures. However, it reports the following errors in the msi logs.

[CODE]MSI (s) (74:5C) [09:48:42:289]: Executing op: ServiceConfigureFailureAction(,Name=CiscoHVDAgent,Event=1,ResetPeriod=60,,,Actions=1[~][~],DelayActions=500[~][~])
MSI (s) (74:5C) [09:48:42:289]: Changing configuration of failure action for service CiscoHVDAgent.
MSI (s) (74:5C) [09:48:42:289]: Error: 5. Failed to change current configuration of failure action for service CiscoHVDAgent
MSI (s) (74:5C) [09:48:42:289]: Failed to change configuration of failure action for service CiscoHVDAgent

For some reason, it seems to be able to set it to Run Program/Command with no errors but not to Restart the Service.

I would appreciate any help.

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Level 8

Hi All

I just wanted to refresh this thread as I could not come up with a solution but seen the same issue on another website:


Any help is appreciated!
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