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Windows Installer Error 2715 - Locally_Copied_items

I've spent days trying to figure out why the VS build of a simple installer is different to the same build on a build server (msbuild). 

Message; Error 2715. The specified File key ([snipped].loc') not found in the file table. 

Just to make it clear: I am able to successfully build and install the project on both VS and TFS (msbuild) when only .Primary_output is included.

The simple project consists of an executable with accompanying assembly and one referenced assembly.  I'd like to also include the .pdb files from the executable and referenced project in the MSI. However, The problem arises when I also include .Debug_Symbols and .Locally_Copied_Items . If I omit either .Debug_symbols or .Locally_Copied_items, the installer from the buildserver (msbuild) works. However, both these must be included for all pdb's to be included, so omitting either won't work.

I've enabled MSI logging and even installed ORCA where  I can see that there are differences between the VS and msbuild msi. But I cannot from this see what would lead to these differences. From all my googling I can only conclude that the ISPROJ projects are built successfully but differently in the two enviromnents.



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