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Windows 10, VerGetFileVersion, UCRTBase.dll

on Windows 10, if I try to check the version of the UCRTBase.dll on Windows 10 with the IS script function:
nResult = VerGetFileVersion(sFile, sVersion), I get the wrong version.

For example I expect the version, but the IS function gives me the version
It is not a joke.

(I make this check to validate our installation of the VC ++ 2015 redistributable.)

In file explorer I see the correct version.

Can somebody recheck this behavior please?

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Level 2

I'm sure you resolved this by now, but for anyone else that stumbles on this I switched to checking vcruntime140.dll. The version number comes across as expected on Win 10 and Server 2012 R2 (the ones we care about most atm.)
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