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Level 7

Which redistributable must I install to get MFC71, CRT71, STL71?

I have downloaded the redistributables for InstallShield 2012 Spring from the website, and have looked at them in "Custom" install to view which components are in which redistributable package -- but I can't figure out which one has MFC71, CRT71, STL71. Don't see them in Legacy Objects or any of the others? 😞

I'm using the Standalone Build if that makes any difference.

Does anyone know which redistributable to use? I don't want to blindly install them all to get just a few megabytes worth of objects/redistributables.

Thanks in advance.
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Level 6

I do not think there is any redistributable available for redistributing MFC71.dll, MSVCR71.dll and associated dlls. You will have to manually bundle them in your installer. You can choose to create a merge module for the same.
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