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Level 5

Where to place SVN files


Project: basic msi
commpression: uncompressed

I would like to create SVN repository during the first time installation. Creation of the repository requires certain files that goes with the installation but are not required by my application. The question is where does files should be placed and called?

I see at least 3 options here:
1. Placed on media (support files) and called by CA from the SETUPEXEDIR
2. Placed on media (support files) and called by CA from SUPPORTDIR
3. Part of the installation (INSTALLDIR), called by CA from INSTALLDIR and then removed.

In 1) will not work if I modify the compression type to the compressed
In 3) repair option will restore those files, so custom action would be required to remove them

SO is the option 2) the best choice?
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Flexera Alumni

From what you've described, option 2 sounds like the best choice.
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Level 7

Agreed, SupportDir should be used for installation time files.
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Level 5


Ok, but If I eventually would like to run my CA also in the repair mode, would I be able to access SUPPORTDIR? I think in the maintenance mode the dir will not exist, Iam I right?
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