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Where does installshield look to find dependent files? (Error -6248 Could not find)

I am getting the following warning
-6248: Could not find dependent file xxxxx.dll, or one of its dependencies of component tests.Primary_output

File xxxxx.dll is required by file yyyy.dll. I have placed xxxxx.dll where yyyy.dll is referenced, and also included it as content in the root of the solution. However in both cases installshield is unable to find the dependent file.

So my question is where does installshield look to find dependent files?
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


If you include any .Net dll files using project primary output, dependent dll's will be added to installsheild setup automatically by dependency scanner during build by checking the references to those dll's included in the project.

To to get rid of the warning and manually add dependent dll's, please follow below steps:

1>Scan for dependencies - right click project primary output, select Dependencies from scan at build
2>You will see the dependencies you will have to manually add, indicated by a red icon
3>unchecked them to get rid of the -6248 warning.
4>Then manually add the dependencies you identified in above step 2...

Hope this helps

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