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Warning 1946. Property '{9F4C2855-9F79-4B39-A8D0-E1D42DE1D5F3}, 12' - Windows 8.1

Hi !

We will proceed to migrate our 8000 workstations from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. Currently we are packaging all our applications in MSI in InstallShield 2013 Pro to make them functional on this Operating System.
When installing on Windows 8.1 computers, we have the same message in different packages randomly :

Warning 1946. Property '{9F4C2855-9F79-4B39-A8D0-E1D42DE1D5F3}, 12' for shortcut 'AppName.lnk' could not be set. HRESULT 1177.

All applications have the property System.AppUserModel.NoPin Value = 1

This is apparently a known bug in Windows 7 but we are well on Windows 8.1

The command line package is in the form :
msiexec /I AppName.msi REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!

What are the possible solutions?
Should we pass the property to 2 ( APPUSERMODEL_STARTPINOPTION_USERPINNED ) but we do not want tiles on MetroUI ?
Should I use the / qn instead of / qb , but we will not see the progress bar setup ?

Thank you for your help

Best Regards

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

For this case I would suggest you consider removing it. Unless you're specifically targeting Windows 8.0, Microsoft has already changed the behavior to prevent pinning in Windows 8.1, so this becomes redundant. Since the shortcut property support has poor failure characteristics, and it's Windows Installer that implements them, it's not something InstallShield will be able to address.
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