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Level 9

Validation ErrorCode Links Dead

When I run the InstallShield Best Practices validation routine I receive a list of warnings (ISBP03, ISBP06, ISBP10..) that all contain links in the tasks pane of the output window. When I click these links the Acresso KB page says that no documents matches were found.

While my list of warnings and errors is small, none of the links ever take me to a valid help page. Should this be working, or do some codes not have a KB article, and I just happened to get codes that fit this bill?
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

While there probably should be some results (at least links to HelpNet), you can find the documentation in the Help library, for instance by going to Help > Index, and typing in the name of the validator. I'm not certain whether any of the validations are likely to have KB articles; we try to keep most of the fixes fairly self-evident.
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