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Level 2

VS Express 2012 Install Problems


Would you advise what steps I should take to get Install Shield 2012 LE working with VS Express 2012?

I installed your product using InstallShield2012SPRLimitedEdition.exe on Windows 7 64 Bit successfully.

When I try to create a new install project there are no templates showing?

Kind Regards,

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Level 10

InstallShield Limited Edition is not available for the Visual Studio Express Edition.
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Level 2

I am facing exactly the same problem. There is NO template for creating the project etc when I am in Visual Studio Express 2012.

Furthermore, when I was installing the InstallShield Limited Edition, I was NOT prompted for the serial number. (My Visual Studio Express 2012 is already installed). After that , I only have the "help" application.
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