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Using a path variable as a destination folder


I'd like to have a destination folder (not my INSTALLDIR), which is defined as a path variable (taken from the registry or the environment variables).
Any ideas? (For Basic MSI project. Non-InstallScript solutions preffered)

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Re: Using a path variable as a destination folder

Can you do a system search for the registry entry and set a property name?
If the property name exists then use a set directory custom action to set directory to the value of the property.

Some things to consider if you are setting components to this directory value, what happens to those components if the registry path does not exist? You could place a condition for install on the component to based on the system search property.

I am not certain how to do this if you are looking to use an environment variable rather than a registry entry. I know the InstallShield UI does not make a provision for using environment variables for system searches.
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