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Using SYSINFO.bIsWow64 in button behavoir conditions

I'm using a Basic MSI project. My installer UI goes to separate branches according to if the OS is 32bit or 64bit. So in the DestinationFolder Dialog, I set the Next button behavior as:
Event Argument Condition
NewDialog SetupType SYSINFO.bIsWow64 = FALSE
NewDialog SetupTypeVista64 SYSINFO.bIsWow64 = TRUE

(SetupTypeVista64 is my setup type dialog for Vista64, SetupType is the setup type dialog for 32bit system)

But when I ran my installer on a 32bit XP OS, it also goes to the 64bit SetupType Dialog, it seems the condition doesn't work.
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Re: Using SYSINFO.bIsWow64 in button behavoir conditions

It sounds like you're trying to use an InstallScript object/variable name in a Windows Installer condition; they're not available there. You'll instead want to use an MSI property. In this case VersionNT64 and NOT VersionNT64 are probably what you'll want to use.
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