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Level 13

Using Powershell to manage builds

I am attempting to create a build script using PowerShell that I can integrate into CruiseControl.NET

I can open and close a project successfully however, I cannot do the following:

  • Access ISWiProductConfigs or ISWiReleases. I actually have to clarify, I am not correctly accessing the content of these items.
  • I have successfully retrieved $m_ISWiProj.ISWiProductConfigs.Count
  • Attempting to execute: $m_ISWiProj.ISWiProductConfigs("$projParams").ISWiReleases("$projParams") returns an error. The parameters are a valid configuration and release name.
  • An attempt to just retrieve the list of configurations failed to return anything.

    I am sure this is possible. I prefer PowerShell because it is natively supported by CruiseControl.NET

    I have seen Cory's blog:
    This was very helpful in getting started. But I am not certain why I am not getting information on the Configuration or Releases.

    Any ideas?

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    Level 16

    How's your C# programming?

    Personally I'd create a reusable library using C# to wrap the COM calls. You could then consume that from a console EXE, an MSBuild task or a PowerShell static method invocation. See:

    PS- I know CruiseControl.NET has good MSBuild support. That's the direction I'd go....
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