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Using Installshield 2015 with MSBuild 2013/15

I want to run MSBuild and have it automatically create an application installer at the end of the build using Installshield 2015. We already pay for the professional version, so I do not want to use the LE version for Visual Studio since it is limited. I know that this can be done using a 3rd party build automation tool, but wanted to see if this was doable without using another build automation provider.

Currently, we run builds, then somebody grabs the files needed, open installshield, and runs it. Before working here, I used Automated Build Studio, which is no longer supported by Smartbear.

Please advise.
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Intrepid explorer

Re: Using Installshield 2015 with MSBuild 2013/15

Yes, this is doable. I am just finishing such an implementation using InstallShield Premier 2013 and VS2013. Will probably upgrade to InstallShield 2015 later this year.

Do you already have a Build Controller and a Build Agent(s) set up?
After that... some things you need to do:
1. Use Path Variable Overrides (on Releases tab in Installshield) to reconcile folder structure differences between machines.
2. Edit the .isproj files if you do use Path Variable Overrides
3. Pass 'MSBuild arguments' in your build definition. One for each Path Variable Override.
4. Use Files and Folders on Application Data tab to verify that all 'Link To' paths are overrideable
5. If you have files that are included in your install package that are not built you may need to copy them to the output folder (bin folder if you use a 'SingleFolder' output location) using a Prebuild script in your build definition.
If none of this sounds familiar... don't expect to get it done in an afternoon!

Not sure about Professional; but with Premier you get several StandAlone Build (SAB) licenses. So you download and install InstallShield2015StandaloneBuild.exe on your build agent.
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Re: Using Installshield 2015 with MSBuild 2013/15

Yes, I currently have builds running off a dedicated build server.

I am mostly familiar with what you have mentioned and will try our your suggestion.
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Intrepid explorer

Additional info

Just finishing this up myself and discovered that it is advisable to use Files and Folders on Application Data tab to verify that all 'Link To' paths are overrideable.

I updated my post above.
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