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Using InstallShield on new machine with same activation code by deactivating license from old machine

My machine having InstallShield 2022 installed on it and it's working fine.

Now, we have to reinstall my Windows OS because of some reasons (and all data will be wiped out with this activity).

How can I retain my current license/activation code from this machine to use it after reinstalling Windows OS or new machine.


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Level 6

You need to return the license to the license server, either from the About dialog or by uninstalling InstallShield. Then you can activate it on your new (or reinstalled) machine. You will need your serial numer key for this.

Stefan Krueger /
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If you had your InstallShield install on a machine and it went down to where the user can't log in to return the license, is there a way to reset that license or is it just gone for good?


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In this case please contact support, they can manually reset the license. You can contact activation support via chat as described here:

Stefan Krueger /
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