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Use custom version properties in Visual Studio not working


I have set the "Use Custom Version Properties" to YES. Set the luncher copyrights and File Description values. However when I build the package, the singleImage package does not show the values I set. When I right clicj on the install package, it shows the default values. For copyrights it has "Copyright (c) 2019 Flexera. All rights..." for Original filename it has "Installshield Setup.exe" and Product name it has ""InstallShield". The version number is also that of Installshield which is

When I install the package, add/remove shows all my values correct. The product name, the version the copyrights is all good in add/remove.

Why does the install package properties not show it correct?

I am on InstallSheild Express 2019 R3. I am building my package in Visual Studio 2019 using the installshield plug-in.

Thank you.

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