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Use Variable for Component Destination

I'm using an InstallScript project in IS2016.  I have TARGETDIR set to <PROGRAMFILES64>\<IFX_PRODUCT_NAME>.  This points to the C:\Program Files\CatBat.  I want this to be a top-level directory that has subdirectories underneath it corresponding to different versions of CatBat, e.g.,

  • Program Files
    • CatBat
      • CatBat 1.0
        • bin
        • doc
      • CatBat 1.1
        • bin
        • doc
      • etc.

The install has a few features, each with multiple components that go to various subdirectories under CatBat 1.0, CatBat 1.1 , etc.  I'd like to specify the component destination as <TARGETDIR>\CatBat <VERSION_NUMBER>\bin, etc.

How can I specify <VERSION_NUMBER> in the component destination so that it updates accordingly with each release?  I see that there used to be a ComponentSetTarget, but that's been deprecated.  I'm not sure how to do what I want from the UI or with FeatureSetTarget in the script.

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