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Use Environment Path Variables

I use a Basic MSI project for my installation and up to now I have built my releases manually in InstallShield, but now I am investigating how to build via Command Line. I want to be able to change the 'Path to project's files' (Media/Path Variables) through the Command Line and have read that this can be done through environment variables.

From InstallShield Help Library:
A common scenario where environment path variables may be useful is when performing a build from the command line. (...) As long as you use environment path variables, you can define the paths to your project’s files from the command line. These paths are evaluated when the installation project is built, and the correct paths to the files will be used.

Today my files that shall be included in the installation are 'Linked to' a 'Standard' Type variable, and I just can't figure out how to change it to an Environment variable.

Does someone know to do do this? Thanks in advance.
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I'm hoping to use ISCmdBld.exe to build my installation through Command Line.
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Typically you can use whatever Path Variable in the Defined Value of some other Path Variable.

Name Defined Value
MyProjectRoot C:\Test\MyProjects
MyProjectFiles \MyFiles

As you can also create an Environment Path Variable here by clicking on the down arrow next to New, I suspect the value of the corresponding Environment Variable will be used.
So I would try to define MyProjectRoot as an Environment Path Variable and use the MyProjectFiles Path Variable in the Link To.

The names used here are just for the sample. Obviously you can use other names.
Personally I am using ISProjectFolder in my Path Variables as the release builds are done on another machine using ISCmdBld.exe.
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Thanks for you help!

I have created an environmental variable called 'Test_Path'. What I forgot to do before was to add 'Test_Path' to my Environment Variables through My Computer.

When I did that the 'Test_Path' environmental variable in Media/Path Variables in InstallShield automatically populated the Current Value of the variable set in My Computer. So it looks like this in IS:

Name: Test_Path
Defined Value: Test_Path
Current Value: T:\InControl\ (automatically populated)
Type: Environment

Now I am able to build my release through Command Line and syntax -l (L).
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