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Urgent help?!

Inside our strictly InstallScript project, we check for previous versions that may be installed, if found - remove them and then continue with the installation.

In InstallShield pro 7 we used the following command:
PerformUninstall("TL2009 (00)",UNINSTALL_PATH+"\\{A917A368-72D6-4EA4-9A69-1B026F1EB10B}","\""+COMMONFILES^"\\INSTAL~1\\PROFES~1\\RunTime\\0701\\Intel32\\Ctor.dll\",LaunchSetup \""+PROGRAMFILES+"InstallShield Installation Information\\{A917A368-72D6-4EA4-9A69-1B026F1EB10B}\\setup.exe\" -uninst",WINSYSDIR^"rundll32");
(PerformUninstall is a custom function) In IS2008 we get an error.

I was informed by Customer Service to change this to
"-uninst", "\""+PROGRAMFILES+"InstallShield Installation Information\\{A917A368-72D6-4EA4-9A69-1B026F1EB10B}\\setup.exe\"");

The problem with the new command it is brings up dialog asking if the user wishes to reboot or not, and we don't want to see that. We need it to just uninstall and then go back to the current install running.

Also we are having a problem with the final command in the new InstallScript to force a reboot.
SdFinishReboot("Setup Complete","It is necessary to reboot the system now.",SYS_BOOTMACHINE,"",WILL_REBOOT);
Is the command we are using, yet the final dialog still offer the user to reboot or not.

What is it we are missing or not missing?
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Level 6

See what I had to do to achieve what you want
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