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Level 5

Upgrading standalone builder

I just downloaded the new version of the standalone builder, and when I went to install it, I got a dialog that said I had to uninstall the old version myself before I could install the new one.

What's wrong with this picture ?

I thought one of the points of using IS was it could handle updates to products in the field. Especially a product like SAB that doesn't even need registry updates and isn't going to be running when you do the update. Color me unimpressed.
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Level 6

I don't understand. You should be able to have 2 versions of the standalone build on the machine just like the IDE. What version were you upgrading to\from.
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Level 5

I'm upgrading from whatever was the current version a couple months ago, to the latest one with the SP1 hotfix patch.

I've now hit an epic failure, in attempting to uninstall my old SAB, I get a popup dialog that says:

Internal Error 27519. C:\Program Files\MSBuild\InstallShield\2009\InstallShield.targets, -2147024893

No matter how many times I click Ok it just keeps popping back up. I'm going to have to kill the IS task in Task Manager to make it go away.
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