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Upgrading in install script project

new bie

I had 3 builds so far..
one is 5.0 first installer build.
next one named as 5.0.01
and 5.0.02
I have give the Product name as name5.0.01 and version as 5.0.01 in the product properties.

for some reason when I upgraded from 5.0 to 5.0.01 it works perfect as it upgraded the system and I see upgraded 5.0.01 in the add remove programs.

but when I did for 5.0.02 it is not upgrading this time considering this as a new install and I see 2 versions in the add remove progams .

didn't change any product name or anything Why is it considering as a new product instead of upgrading. Is there anything I need to do ....

we haven't released to customers yet but released to service.
now we have a thought of changing the Product name for x to Y.
How should I proceed on that.
Please help...

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Level 6

Check to see if the GUID changed between versions.
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Level 3

I had the back up of my old installer but whats the process to save as different installer versions and open the older version when you want to check some thing like this.
for now I have just one Installer set and one project file.
Can you educate me how to save the versions etc.

totally new and just jump started with no time as the time to put this together is too short for us.
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Level 6

You can have different project names but with the same GUID.

That way you can have Proj1, Proj2.....but if they have the same GUID the update mechanism kicks in properly.

Good luck.

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Level 3

Thank You Brian you are good!

I have 2 more issues in the install script Project

1. when I do repair/upgrade I get this error while I am installing the merge modules.

1706: No valid source could be found for Product .The windows installer cannot cont.

I have Crystall 11 in my merge modules.

I saw one response in one of the threads saying if I check "cache the MSI package locally" will solve the problem.
I tried this it didn't resolve the issue .Is this becoz I am using the Install script Project.

2. I get the " Windows cann't find "C:Program Files\Install Shield Installation Information\{GUID}\setup.exe'. make sure you typed the name correctly...."
when I restart the machine after uninstall..

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