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Level 2

Upgrading from Limited Edition to Express


Is there a way to upgrade install shield projects created using VS2010 Install Shield limited edition to Install Shield 2014 Express edition projects?


- Neil Shore
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Level 17

You can simply open your .isl file in the Express edition of InstallShield. Your project will be upgraded to a .ise project file automatically.

Hope that helps.
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Level 2

Thank you for your post. I performed the suggested opening of the .isl file. An .ise file was created. The install information looked correct. However, when I open Visual Studio 2010 it fails to load the install shield portion of the project.

I've attached a jpeg with the error message.

I assume Visual Studio 2010 can't understand Install Shield Express 2016. Is there a way to have it recognize the upgraded Install Shield project?

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Level 3

I am able to run my macro from the windows run commandstart button>Run with the following syntax.Â*C:Program FilesMacro Express3MeProc.exe /AtestshellÂ*However I am not able to do this from a batch file. Can anyone help with this?Â*Thanks, John.
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