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Upgrading from InstallShield 7.0

Hi all,

I'am currently upgrading from installshield 7.0 to 2010. i was forced to, because i also changed from visual studio 2003 to vs2008 wich is not compatible with the older versions.

I read that the 2010 version of IS only supports upgrades from 2009 on, and not from versions prior to that.

Before I start to upgrade manually my InstallScript project,i was wondering if ther is any docs or walktrough steps, from people who had been in the same situation, or just some guidlines to help me trough the process.

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Flexera Alumni

If you haven't yet, please see the help topics under Getting Started > Upgrading from Earlier InstallShield Versions.
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Level 4

It is definitely possible to upgrade from Installshield 7.0 to Installshield 2010.

Why am I so sure? Because I did it recently 🙂 The install shield upgrade wizard did most of the conversion but there will obviously be a lot of tweeks and changes you will have to make to make it work perfectly after the upgrade. Good luck.
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