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Upgrade should be treated as a new installation.

I am using installshield 2008 for creating installer of installscriptmsi type. Here i am handling the upgrade of my software through the code and the registry entries done during the installation of my software. I do not want to use installshield's features for upgrading my software. Can anybody tell me how can i achieve this?
Precisely i want my installer to work same everytime whether it is an upgrade or new installation i.e. all the dialogs should come everytime as it comes during new installation. It should not behave differently during upgrade.

I have tried following things but they are not working.
1. I selected the 'disabled' radio button for 'small\minor upgrade' in 'upgrades' view but then also it is giving me error stating that 'this program has already been installed, first remove it from add\remove program'(this is summarised form of error) during installation.
2. I deleted some registry entries as
But after deleting these entries i am getting the same error that i am getting in 1.
NOTE: Afer executing step 2 change\remove button of my software entry has become invisible in Add or remove programs.
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Level 4

Why don't you create a major upgrade. If the installer does not detected any old version then it installs a new setup. If it detected an old version then it completely uninstall old setup before installing new setup
1. Change you product code so it different from previous version(s)
2. Set 'Upgrade Windows Installer Setup' with these options:
disable minor/small upgrade setting
completely uninstall old setup before installing new setup
3. Add 'Major Upgrade Item' and fill the corrected info
4. Add more 'Major Upgrade Item' if need to
Hope this help.
- Thanh
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