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Upgrade issues...Robert please help!

There are two issues that we are currently facing and these look to me like bugs in Installshield
Issue #1
1. I have a Installshield 2008 premier installed on a english OS (Vista)
2. I have created a Basic MSI project in that and added some Minor upgrade items
3. When i run my upgrade it fails. The validation suite also gives me a error of some missing components
4. I have a Installshiled 2008 premier installed on a Japanese OS (Vista)
5. The same .ism when built in this and run executes and upgrades the files correctly.

Note that originally the .ism was built using the installshield on the Japanese OS

Issue #2

I have a .ism created in installshield 2009. I have added a button to a existing dialog box. When i do a fresh install the buttons text is shown based on the current OS locale but when i do a minor upgrade the value always appears in English.
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Re: Upgrade issues...Robert please help!

Hi Samir,
Do you have include files with special characters? I had a similar problem in the past, where an update fails because I had included a file with a german char (öüä). That causes sometimes also problems when using this chars e.g. in the shortcut names ...
I've checked my installation and removed this chars.



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