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Updating config and ini files during non minor updates

I can't understand how Installshield works (I'm on the Premier 2020 version), but it's the same for the other versions.
In my application I have an XML configuration file and an .ini configuration file.
During the first installation of the application, all the parameters are well updated without any problem. During a major update, as I have the graphical interface again, no problem, the parameters are well updated.
On the other hand, I can't prevent these parameters from being updated during a minor update: the program will overwrite the values configured by the default ones.
I don't want the configuration files to be modified during a minor update. I tried on the components to set a condition (NOT IS_MINOR_UPGRADE or only during the first installation, etc.) but nothing works: my parameter files are always overwritten with default values .
Do you have a solution ? what am I doing wrong ?


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