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Update only exe and config files

Is there a way to create a simple installation package that will simply overwrite existing exe and config files without requiring the entire application to be uninstalled? I am using the free version of installshield that comes with VS 2010. I created an initial installation project within my solution. I then created a second installation project for exe updates hoping to include only the VS project outputs and none of the many files, prerequisites, etc included in my initial installation. Is there some way I can cause my update project to simply overwrite the exe and config files that may exist?
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Hello ,

You may perform the following steps to create an upgrade.

In an upgrade ensure that the Product version is higher than the base version and the Product code is different.

In the upgrades paths view, create a new upgrade path.

Refer the setup.exe or an msi file of the base version.

If you do not have the setup file of the older version, then ensure that the upgrade code of the new version of the installer is same as that of the older version. Specify appropriate values in the Min version and Max version field for the new upgrade path created.

You may also refer the following thread.

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