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Update Manager follies?

Hello Everybody,

I am a longtime InstallShield X (both MSI and Multiplatform) user and just last week bought and registered and activated my InstallShield 2008 software.

I just wanted to check and see if anybody else had the same issues as me -

1. Update manager lists certain updates even though I finished their download and installations yesterday.
InstallShield 2008 Standalone Build *2007-05-21 88.9 MB
InstallShield 2008 Repackager *2007-05-21 68.1 MB
InstallShield 2008 MSI Objects *2007-05-21 254 MB

I don't want to hide them not knowing if that's OK for sure! I have to install them a certain number of times? 😄 For whatever reason, download and installation of these are very slow. I see I can install from the DVDs too...but thought I could get the latest online.

2. I tried to get a login at their paid support (We bought a maintenance package) site yesterday but haven't heard back at all.

I am trying to avoid making phone calls (aren't we truly in 21st century now?)...but may have to if I don't get any response from them!

I just want to be excited that I am now upgraded to 2008...but I guess my expectations are just too too high :rolleyes:

Thanks and nice to see that there are so many on this forum!
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Level 9

I just hide the items in Update Manger that I know I have already downloaded or installed. Besides you can always show them again later on.

As for the support site, it only took them a couple of hours to get me a login, but then again I ended up calling them to expidite the issue. I find the best method for reporting issues and requesting support is to start the service rquest with a phone call and then use the web site for all future requests.
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Level 4

Thanks esiemiat. I will probably just do that then!

I did get an email from Macrovision eSupport and am able to login now.
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