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Unwanted Reboot after install prerequisiste

I have a Basic MSI project developed with Installshield 2020 R3. 

The setup has this prerequisite :"Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 redistributable Package (x86)".

After the prerequisite is installed appears the following messagebox.



If I click "No" the setup will be terminated. If I click "Yes" the machine restart but setup doesn't resume after reboot.

However what I want is: after the prerequisite is installed, the setup will have to continue to the end without reboot and without show any messagebox to the user.

I have already performed the following action:

in prerequisite editor I set the following values:

Application to run.png



I have also tried to check "the prerequisite should be hidden from installation list"

and to select "Note it, fails to resume if the machine is rebooted and reboot after the installation"

What values I have to set or what can I do in order to continue the setup without reboot the system?

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