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Unlocking files or folders

I have a service that when run it locks a folder from being deleted. This is obviously a problem when uninstalling.

Is there a property I can set to force InstallShield to delete a folder that is locked? Or force it to unlock a folder? The folder in question is in my project path.

By the way, stopping the service and even uninstalling it does not unlock the folder.

Thank you.
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Flexera Alumni

Strange that shutting down the service keeps the directory locked; if you use Process Explorer or similar tool, is there an indication of what's holding on to the directory? There are APIs for stopping processes or rebooting the system after uninstallation, but ideally if there's a root cause to remove...
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We got same kind of issue (lock folders after uninstalling only on Windows 7)

it was related here some time ago

After some investigation we discovered it was because COM extract at build option was not working fine with a mixed (dual) COM/.NET dll.
We removed COM extract at build option and set registrey keys "manually" for COM and issue was fixed .

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