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Level 4

Unknow publisher issue on Win8

Hello everyone
I am having a problem with the installer on Win8.
Please just take into account that the same problem seems working fine on win7 or xp while on Win8 (with uac low) reports this msg:

the publisher could not be verified are u sure u want to run this software?
Publish: unknown publisher.

Please note that before compiling I filled the field InstallationDesigner-->publisher with the name of my company which seems to be correctly understood by installshield since it's changed in


This is no trivial problem to me because the afore mentioned problem might scare some of our customers.
Thank u in advance for yr kind help
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Are you signing your .msi file with a digital certificate? That's what the UAC prompt checks. While you can fill in your publisher information in the Summary Information Stream, so could anyone else, so UAC ignores this. A digital certificate signature indicates that only the owner of the certificate could have made the files.
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