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Uninstaller not clearing out the install directory

the uninstaller is not clearing out the install directory and as a result i am getting errors during upgrade of my product. I get dialog asking me whether i want to overwrite the contents of the default installation location. I want to make sure that the uninstallation during the upgrade works fine. What should i do? Can i force the uninstaller to supress such warning messages or make sure that the uninstallation is clean before the installation begins?
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From my experience if some of the files are changed by a user after the installation then the uninstaller does not always remove them. If you want to make sure they are removed then you put some custom code in your uninstaller to delete the files, I believe you use the FileService but I'm just working from memory.

You can do an if(exists) then delete file so that the code is only executed if the files are left by the uninstaller.
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