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Uninstall registry keys from Users hive

[This thread was also sent under IS 2010]
Our application, at run time, write some keys to HKCU. We would like to remove those keys at uninstall time.

The tricky part is that multiple users might run the app which means that registry keys will be created under each users HKCU. Furthermore, uninstall can be performed by admin silently using some deployment utility. How would it be possible to remove the registry from each users hive?

Each user has a hive under HKEY_USERS\\Software. In theory it should be possible to remove the reg keys once you know the GUIDs. Is there any InstallShield smart way of doing this?

If not, the only option I can think off is to loop through the reg keys under HKEY_USERS, as always, in a custom action. It would be excellent if one has written a (C++) custom action for that already.

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