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Uninstall issue while migrating IS-5.X code to IS2011

We are migrating our code form IS-5.X to IS2011

Our IS-5.X code will create one uninstall log file called “uninst.isu” for uninstall logs.
And the uninstall icon will be placed under
“start > programfiles > OurApp > ourApp Uninstall” (refer to program files and our appdir)
When we click "ourApp uninstall" our application will get uninstall.

After up-gradation to IS2011 the uninstall.isu is not getting created, so we are unable to uninstall our application through start menu (can be able to do it form "Add or Remove programs".

Can somebody help me how do we can create uninstall log file with custom name and copy to custom path In IS2011. or any other solution ?

The existing code snippet as follows:

svLogFile = unInstall.isu;
nResult = DeinstallStart( svDir, svLogFile, @UNINST_KEY, 0 );
RegDBSetItem( REGDB_APPPATH, szAppPath );
Code to generate icon under start (refer to program files and our appdir)

AddFolderIcon(FOLDER_PROGRAMS ^ "\\ourApp", "OurApp Uninstall", "\"" + WINDIR ^ "\\IsUninst.exe\" -f\"" +TARGETDIR ^ "\\Uninst.isu\" -c\"" + TARGETDIR ^ "ExUnInst.dll" + "\"", TARGETDIR, "", 0, "", REPLACE);

Thanks in advance,

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Flexera Alumni

Please see the InstallShield help topic "Creating Uninstallation Shortcuts for InstallScript and InstallScript MSI Projects".
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