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Uninstall is not removing registry entry and not removing product from control panel using command prompt

Hi Team,
  I am facing issue with InstallSheild .exe file when we run uninstall command . The following issues are I am facing randomly "product entry not removing from registry " and product is not removing from control panel. When this issue occurs, we were unable to install from GUI and silent mode as well. While checking that we could see installer package  name reference present in the registry which holds the network path that is not available. I cleaned up the installer reference registry key and uninstall product by manually then only we were able to install the build. 
  1. Installed installer by GUI and Silent mode.
  2. Then ran uninstall command "wmic product where name='Product name ' call uninstall" using command prompt
  3. Tried to Install installer by GUI and Silent mode.
  1. Product entry not removing from registry and installer name not removed from control panel
  2. Not able to install the installer again

Kindly assist me to resolve this issue.


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Revenera Moderator


What type of Installshield project is this: Basic MSi, Installscript MSI or Pure Installscript?

If you uninstall via the Control Panel does it remove the registry and control panel data?

Kind regards,

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