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Level 5

Uninstall another MSI on install

I have a Basic MSI project. I need to remove another MSI product on installation that is now integrated into our main application. I tried to use the upgrade scenarios and treat it as a major upgrade. However, this didn't work because of the upgrade codes not matching I believe.

I also made a custom action that ran msiexec.exe after the CostFinalize (I think this was stated in the Installshield help.) This worked perfectly until I installed on a system that didn't have the installer I was looking to remove. The installer would blow up. I tried to put a condition on the custom action set by the system search, but it seems the system search is limited in functionality. I can't just check a reg key and set a boolean property.

Any ideas?
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Level 8

use the upgrade scenario, and specify the upgrade code of the application you are trying to remove instead of having it use the current installers upgrade code.

That should allow you to remove the application if it is found and do nothing in the event that it is not present.
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