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Uninstall Help!

How to call an external executable / call functions from an external Win 32 DLL at the time of un-install?

Hi, I have an InstallScript MSI project.

I am using InstallScript for performing some actions at the time of feature install / un-install. The actions at the time of install work fine.

However, the control won't even go to uninstall functions, even when I debug!

The un-installing functions are:
export prototype Feature_Drivers_UnInstalling();
function Feature_Drivers_UnInstalling()

Please, help asap!
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Level 4

Where in the sequence is the ca scheduled to run? You need to put custom actions you want to run during uninstall in the execute sequence because if you remove a program using add/remove programs then the uninstall completely skips the UI sequence.

Also, I attached a pdf file that Robert Dickau wrote about setting conditions for installing and uninstalling that has helped me in the past. I uploaded the file because I couldn't remember the link. Anyway, hope this helps.
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