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Unable to run SQLScript after upgrade

I have upgrade one version (x) to version (x+1) on my application. Successfully got upgraded. Then I try to uninstall from control panel, it need delete database from sql script file (DropDatabase.sql). But unable to run respective sql file. 

1. Enabled Script Execution -> Run Script During Install & Run Script During Uninstall & Run Script During Rollback.

2. Specify a Conditional Statement on Script Condition are looking correct values (checked on log files).

Log file looks on the line of script execution:
The SQL script 'DropDatabase.sql' is not scheduled to execute. Script Execution=RunOnInstall or RunOnUninstall or RunOnRollback, Action=Uninstall, Component State=None, Schema=

Please suggest how to fix this issue.


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Level 10

I'd like to see a log of the upgrade installation before venturing a guess.

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