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Unable to re-install Installshieldpro 2008 after system is formatted


I have installed Installshieldpro 2008 software in my system. Due to hardware problem my system got formatted. When I tried to re-install the Installshield software, it says that "Invalid license code". To get the new activation code I have mailed to the "" but I am getting the auto reply as

"Thank you for activating your Acresso product. Unfortunately, we were unable to generate a response code for you at this time.

In an effort to ensure the integrity of each InstallShield license, Acresso intermittently validates InstallShield license usage. It appears that your license has already been activated on at least one machine. Since this serial number XXXXXXXXXXXX is a single-user, single-machine license it may be out of compliance for a number of reasons that you may not be aware of. We are happy to work with you to address this but you will need to contact one of our Specialists for further review at

Please also recognize that if you need to move this license you must first deactivate by uninstalling from the previous machine, then install as needed to ensure proper usage and access.

Thank you.

Acresso "

Can any one of you please suggest on this.
Thanks and regards,
Pavan kumar
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You'll need to call support and explain the situation to them. Only they can reset a counter on their end that will allow you to activate the product again.
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